Brecon Jazz Festival Dies?

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Scenic spots, beaches, sunshine and features from our past are not the only attractions to tourists. Man made events and creations (Disneyworld etc) also attract people to an area.
One such was the Brecon Jazz Festival which this year celebrated its silver jubilee. Held each August, this years festival had been hit by the bad weather that dogged our Summer. It appears that the festival may have lost £66,000. (which equates to just less than half the average bonus that employees at Goldman Sachs will get this year).
This festival is small. It attracts only about 70,000 people each year. It is pitched at a limited audience so why should most people care?
Tourism is an industry. You might think of it differently but it brings money and jobs into a local economy. According to Powys councillor, Paul Ashton who was interviewed on the BBC, this small festival had been shown to be bringing in around £4 million into the local economy. The effect of this money was not just felt in Brecon or the surrounding area but apparently stretched to Cardiff. With its demise, hoteliers, B&B; landladies, restaurants and cafes, shops and even the iniquitous Severn Bridge Toll will have less income.
If this was a company closing down, there would be talk of unemployment and it’s impact on the community. The loss of £4 million to a smallish area will be significant. HSBC, the Arts Council of Wales, Powys County Council and at least 22 others provided sponsorship and without this the loss would have been much greater. The success of sponsorship has meant that this loss is only about 1.5% of its economic benefit. I would say finding £66,000 was a pretty good investment to reap £4million.
Good luck to those who will try and keep the festival going.

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