Credit crunch – does the uncertainty stretch to your holiday

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This post stems from a dinner table discussion on the impact of the credit crunch. A guest (not known for his reticence) was confidently stating the end of the holiday industry as no-one would be spending money on getting away for a week or so. And it is hard to make a cast iron argument against this given the current uncertainty…..but not that hard.

It seems to me that a holiday has become something of an inalienable right over the last 10 years. So providing the low cost carriers survive (no certain thing in the long term with oil prices as they are….even despite recent reductions) and that there is a competitive industry out there offering great value deals, then it’d seem reasonable to assume that we will continue to get away from it all as a tonic to all the doom and gloom we seem set for over the coming years. A quick Google search found this recent article on Travelmole to support my view and this older article from The Telegraph will be an interesting point of comparison next summer.

Perhaps the credit crunch will encourage the next spate of innovation in how to offer customers more value – let’s hope so.

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