Railway tickets just got simpler?

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On the 7th September, new ticket names came in which were supposed to simplify the ticket structure. Instead of Apex, Superapex, Advance Purchase and all the names we had before, we now have Anytime, Offpeak and Advance. So what’s the difference? Well not a lot as far as I can tell but here goes……

Anytime tickets have no time restrictions on the return portion of return ticket provided that it is used within 30 days. A single ticket can only be used on the day marked on the ticket.

Offpeak tickets are tickets where you can break the journey but there is also a Super Offpeak ticket which is cheaper. You still cannot generally travel before 9.30am and in some cases you can’t travel on rush hour trains between about 15.30 and 19.00 hours.

Advance tickets are valid only on the date and times listed on the ticket. You can’t break your journey and if you have to alter the ticket you will pay an administration fee of £10 plus the cost difference between the ticket you bought and the next one. These must be booked in advance and generally, the earlier you buy, the cheaper they may be.

Passenger Focus, the rail consumer watchdog, says that four companies; London Midland, Cross Country, Virgin and National Express East Anglia seemed to have used this simplification to raise ticket price.

Clear? Thought so……for more information go to

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