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Snippets from the Caribbean


The tax will be a topic of conversation this week but not as big a topic as how to entice more of us to holiday there.

Is Trivago still deceptive?


The Court also found that, until at least 2 July 2018, Trivago misled consumers to believe that the Trivago website “provided an impartial, objective and transparent price comparison for hotel room rates.”

Airline magazines


They are important revenue earners for airlines. If they weren’t then airlines would get rid of them

Bill in the Dom Rep


The problem with such a high profile figure is that he would be escorted everywhere and his secret service detail probably kept him well away from any dodgy areas

Saving £1,000 in 23 weeks


This is the amount of money that it is suggested could be saved by giving up drinking over a twenty-three week period.

When will my new motorhome be delivered?


I was drawn to a competition being run by the Camping and Caravanning Club where the price was a £49,000 Swift Edge motorhome complete with thirty nights camping

A private safari or a hot balloon ride?


If these are ultimate wishes then more easily found wishes are likely to be found from the 200 or so travel companies exhibiting at Manchester.

Will APD go?


Today might reveal whether I have been wrong over the years and that the exchequer will agree to remove the tax without having a revenue source to replace it!

Nervousness about Flybe

image of Flybe plane

Flybe fulfils more of a role than just being an airline. It is a transport link. And that is going to have to make the government think hard about whether it should step in.

Australia Day


This year it is a tinged with sorrow for the effects of the bushfires which are only out of the headlines at the moment due to the efforts of many thousands of volunteer firefighters who have been out combatting them.

Tougher drink rules in the Balearics.


By now readers will be aware that the government of the Balearic Islands has introduced a law about binge drinking.

Southampton – the queen of cruise ports


Southampton is Europe’s leading cruise turn-around port welcoming 2 million passengers throughout the year.

Did you know that?


Pre-dating the accession by the UK and Ireland to the EU, this agreement allows citizens of Great Britain and Ireland to freely travel between the two islands without a passport and without visa restrictions.

Will we fly less?

passenger flight delay compensation

What people wish to do and what they actually do makes me think there will still be an increase in the number of those flying when 2020 figures become available.

The Travelex conundrum


If I don’t use Travelex again have I not partially succumbed to the wiles of the hackers?

What’s hot: January 2020


Just About Travel tells you what’s hot (and what’s not) in the travel world right now

Happy New Year


Without venturing into the discussion as to whether 2020 marks the first year of a new decade or the ending of the last one, may all of us at Just about Travel wish all our readers and correspondents across the world a happy, peaceful and
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