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Which are the safest countries to drive in?


The UK has 2.6 deaths per 100,000 of population and Ireland 2.9. Only Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Sweden have lower figures.

You’re worth about £50 each

tal fins of British Airways planes

Why can’t the rulings about data breaches always include a compensation sum to the people affected?

Fancy Mauritius? Then face the hurdles


Either you want visitors in which case you have to make travel and entry a little easier or you refuse entry to visitors for a bit longer.

The Simon Calder rumpus

pier in Aber

Calder’s reaction has been much more thoughtful and responsible that mine might have been.

Regional restrictions

Berlin Reichstag

The travel industry has urged governments to support regional no-go areas rather than blocking off whole countries. This thinking grew in intensity after the UK blocked the whole of Portugal rather than the regions where the pandemic was strongest. So the Algarve, the Azores and
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Airport COVID-19 testing


Passengers could pay the money across and find they will still not gain entry.

Weekly holiday review: 16th October 2020


This will be the last weekly update on holiday possibilities just because it is looks irrelevant for the foreseeable future.

Art Fund Museum of the Year 2020


The annual prize has been a muted affair this year with probably very few people even aware that it was still running.

Weekly holiday review: 9th October 2020

the harbour in Kyrenia

Following is news from some destinations Britons and Irish visit Cyprus – The authorities in the north of Cyprus are allowing arrivals from the UK. You must show a negative COVID-19 PCR test result (done between 0 – 120 hours prior to the time of
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Yucatán re-opens


Although Mexico remains on the Irish and British government’s “don’t visit” list which effectively stops visiting travelling there, the state of Yucatán has re-opened to visitors.

Saving Venice


The rest of us will have more confidence that the Venice that has attracted tens of millions of us to visit will be around a bit longer.

Heritage open days


Now that I have told you that it has been a week of heritage days, how many readers actually knew that it was happening?

Costa del Tottenham


Starting this Saturday, (20th of September) the Laugh Out London club will re-open as a new socially distanced venue.

Forget autumn breaks


With the resurgence of COVID-19 cases, half-term and autumn breaks seem off the agenda.

He’s not ‘batting for the industry’


If anything the role of any secretary of state is to go into bat for all electors and the population as a whole and how transport affects them.

Where’s the inventiveness?


For us to have a break be it a day out, a weekend-break or a longer holiday, travel companies are going to have to be a bit more inventive otherwise they may go under.

Is China a model for leisure travel?

Time for a trip to Tenerife?

Last week, the World Aviation Festival was held. Usually thousands meet to discuss everything from airports, airlines, retailing to passengers, sustainability and green flight plans, trading, passenger satisfaction and expectations and problems. The problem this year is the virus and how to navigate through it.
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