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Chocolate is the key to golfing on Hainan Island


Sarah visits Hainan Island where she was given the opportunity to visit two golf resorts on this attractive volcanic holiday resort island. the secret to successful golf and a fun day – chocolate!

A traveller’s tale of Heathrow


Sarah tells the story of a 2.5 hour flight that lasted eleven hours. And all because Heathrow was full

Being UK Capital of Culture


Now that Coventry has been awarded the title what impact can the award bring to the city?

Rail fare increases


From January rail fares will go up by 3.4% except we all know that isn’t the real story. Some will rise by more and some by less.

Do airlines want your business?


More and more I am getting the feeling that some airlines would rather I took my business elsewhere.

Saturday snippets: 16th December 2017


Light displays at home and abroad, busking, skiing and the Danish uber restaurant, Noma, feature in this column of snippets.

Skiing in Scotland this weekend


What is the prospect for skiing in Scotland at the moment?

Saturday snippets: 9th December 2017


Light shows, a fast train servce in Germany and anniversaries seem to dominate Adrian’s thinking this week!

Will the European Museum of the Year Award come back to the UK or Ireland?


Three British museums, the Design Museum and the Science Museum in London and the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth as well as two from Ireland – the National Gallery of Ireland and the Irish Emigration Museum are up for the awards.

For a domestic break at Christmas head to…


The destinations tend to be in the north of England, areas which are more prone to snow or chillier weather than places in the south.

Finland is 100 today

Helsinki cathedral

Today and throughout the week, Finland will be celebrating with blue-and-white (the colours on the Finnish flag) light shows across the country and in almost 30 countries around the world.

Saving the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Initial results suggest that this concept is working meaning not only that it might be able to be used at other threatened reefs around the world but that visitors to Queensland will be able to enjoy the reef for years to come.

Underselling Rome


The average length that a visitor stays in Rome is 2.2 days according to the newly constituted tourism authority for Rome which, they say, is an insult and I am inclined to agree.

Confident of taking an overseas holiday next year?

Eiffel Tower

AITO’s report says that 90% will maintain or grow their travel plans, and that 21% intend to take even more holidays.

What’s hot: December 2017


Just About Travel tells you what’s hot and what’s not in the travel world, right now

San Sebastian is the place to be


San Sebastian in northern Spain is the place you should head to if you are a foodie.

National Consumer Week


This week is National Consumer Week, a week in which there is supposed to be publicity of consumer issues. So far, all I have seen is a warning about automatic renewal memberships such as those employed by some gym clubs. News about consumer issues in
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