The Bronze Horseman is a magnificent equestrian statue of Peter the Great, stands on Senate Square in Saint Petersburg. It was commissioned by Catherine the Great and created by the French sculptor Étienne Maurice Falcone in 1782.

Saint Petersburg, Crown Jewel of Europe


Reza visits St Petersburg, discovers its architecture and explores one of the mosques rarely visited by visitors as it doesn’t feature on the usual city tours.

Adventure Island not so adventurous

none of this at Adventure Island

Last Saturday, the Southend Standard reported that one of the town’s big attractions – Adventure island – which is on the West Esplanade had put up signs asking men not to wander about topless. Why and does it matter?

Wind farms and tourism

the wind turbine "Gulliver" in Lowestoft

Does the presence of a wind farm put you off holidaying or taking a day trip to a particular destination? For some time, perceived thinking is that it might.

The major US airline that behaves like a low cost one


It’s easy to bash BA but it’s not necessarily fair or accurate writes Kaye Holland

Hotel reviews and TripAdvisor

© Dan Sperrin

The hotel that Andy Murray bought has bought opened on April Fool’s Day. Before that day TripAdvisor had managed to publish eight reviews that praised it to its rafters giving it five stars. How?

Saturday snippets: 19th of April 2014

the home of sparty's

Just in time for long walks out in the spring Easter sunshine, two stretches of coastline pathways have been opened to the public in the North East and Cumbria. A 34 mile stretch from Hartlepool to Sunderland takes in the rugged beauty of Durham’s east  [...]

Most beaches are excellent


With temperatures being forecastv to hit 20 degrees over the Easter weekend some of us will head for the beaches. So it is timely that the organisation that issues the Blue Flag awards has released its latest guide.

Use a mobile phone when you like


easyJet has announced that – as from today – passengers can e-readers, tablets and mobile phones throughout their flight.

Santa Cruz celebrates


Santa Cruz is creating a buzz

Angkor: Adventure in the Lost Kingdom

PortAventura's Angkor Wat

Angkor: Adventure in the Lost Kingdom, is set in a huge area covering 10,500 square metres and is inspired by the jungles of Asia This star attraction of 2014 is a ‘battle-boat’ ten-minute water ride.

Scuffing, chafing and scouring Shanghai

French Concession in Shanghai

“Brave new world,” James Bond quips in his latest adventure, Skyfall, his point nicely illustrated by a vast vista of Shanghai’s impressive skyline, replete with state-of-the-art skyscrapers. But just how modern is this city asks Anna Maria Espsäter who spent a couple of weeks scratching the surface of Shanghai’s polished veneer for us in this two-part feature.

Albania, the ultimate European “terra Incognita”

A view of Albania that surprises many!

Frederic travels to Albania a country that the Britsh knows little about -apart from their fondness for Norman Wisdom that is!

Purple Mountain’s Majesty and Old World Elegance

the view from the resorts' cloud cam

Irene heads for one of the oldest hotels in Colorado, the Broadmoor which is the longest running winner of five star awards in the USA.

Carry your bags, madam?

the Nap Anywhere

You might remember that a few weeks ago Just about Travel mentioned that there was a huge luggage show taking place in the US and we’d let you know some of the more interesting items that were available there.

Easter in Italy

The Spanish Steps in Rome

Like Spain and their Easter celebrations, Italy melds religious traditions and celebrations but with culinary delights as well.

Spain at Easter


Many of you will be heading for the warmth of Spain this Easter. Apart from the beaches and the attractions there will be plenty of events taking place.

Messing about by the river

a view from the Shard

The south bank of the Thames in London has changed out of recognition in the last fifty years. So altered has it become and so popular with visitors and Londoners that you can easily spend a whole day just wandering from London Bridge to Waterloo station.