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Cornwall looks forward to a tourist boom


Visit Cornwall must be delighted to have get such multi-million publicity. Whether the locals are so pleased is another matter.

Blue Monday

family running on beach

The Sunday Telegraph reported yesterday that all adults over 18 could be vaccinated by the end of June which means summer holidays could be back on for all of us.

Don’t discriminate against the unvaccinated


The more that are vaccinated the more countries are likely to open their borders to those vaccinated and the more quickly tourism and travel can return.

It isn’t our fault, it is the fault of two employees


That seems to be the attitude of Boeing to the terrible consequences of the quality control failures of the development of the 737-MAX.

Not what we want to hear


Therefore this poll answer is not what the industry or the public would want to hear. They want to know it will be safe to travel.

A cruising re-start date?


With the no-overseas travel rules in the UK and countries blocking British visitors because of the new strain, cruising seems on a backburner for another few months.

Should I book an Easter holiday?


With a goal of fourteen million people being vaccinated by February, will other countries allow us to travel without having had the booster jab?

Happy New Year


May 2021 be as enjoyable – and as different as possible – from 2020.

Summer holiday campaigns start


Boxing Day is traditionally the day that the tour operators and airlines press the buttons on their latest campaigns.

Naomi Campbell promotes Kenya


Whilst she has already brought a lot of publicity to Kenya, the tourist authority must be hoping that she will sing its praises over the next couple of years.

Planning on an Irish trip? Get a PCR test first.


Until vaccination uptake is widespread in countries it looks as though PCR testing is going to be the litmus test of whether you can travel or not.

Menorca offers more

Menorca poster

Now the islands, and particularly Menorca, offer more to entice us to visit.

Travel changes in two days


It is now just two days before there are new travel rules for British residents going to EU countries.

More on vaccinations


The suggestion by Qantas boss, Alan Joyce, that only those vaccinated will be able to fly on his airline touched a nerve with other airlines. Desperate to find any way to get us to get on planes again, there was criticism of this idea by
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Over 50’s lead the holiday charge


Vaccinations seem to be stimulating confidence about travelling again.

Easter is probably a no-no


The boss of Heathrow said that he thought passenger numbers would increase through the summer and see higher numbers next Autumn.

Travel bookings slow


The industry seems to have decided that discounting will secure bookings. They are just hoping they don’t have to give refunds when the time comes!