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What’s hot: December: 2019


Just About Travel tells you what’s hot and what’s not in the travel world right now

Beware the Christmas pud


I suppose people do really carry puddings and crackers on board planes but why?

It’s not just commuters


Since holidaymakers and day trippers travel outside these times so they may face higher fares than those covered by the 2.7% rise.

Where are the travel companies?


Are travel companies not telling us of the innovations and customer satisfaction claims or are they being outperformed by other companies?

Speaking French


Research commissioned by Jetcost reveals that the French believe that foreigners visiting their country should be able to speak French.

French strikes tomorrow


From tomorrow morning there will be a strike which will cover all means of transport to and within France.

The fallout continues


The fallout from the collapse of Thomas Cook keeps on coming.

Manifestos and tourism


Admittedly, tourism and travel won’t be a major issue in this election – when is it ever – but here is what the parties say about tourism

Bikes on trains


Scotrail has decided to convert some carriages on five trains to be able to carry up to twenty bicycles at a time.

Seducing caravanners to visit

caravan site numbers grow

Will local authorities in the UK follow their Australian counterparts and set up free sites to attract caravanners?

Don’t cry for me Argentina


With South America’s most impressive falls, a rich regional history and exceptional wildlife watching, Northeast Argentina should be on everyone’s list…

The 20th-Century Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright,


That his work is as important and influential as almost any other architect living or dead has recieved a stamp of approval.

We love England


Travel guide Lonely Planet has hailed England as the second best country in the world in which to travel. Here’s why…

Buy holiday money now or after the election?

purse with money

For those planning on a Christmas break the issue is whether you buy your currency now or wait and get a better deal after the election is over.

Why an all-inclusive holiday?

All inclusive holidays

All-inclusives may be loved by tour operators and liked by holidaymakers but destinations aren’t fond of them.

Travelling on a carbon diet


It’s a challenge to travel anywhere without leaving a carbon footprint, but by adding more planet-healthy choices to your travel diet, you can help to keep yours to an absolute minimum. Here’s how…

Yes, airport retailers do charge more


The advice to air passengers must bedon’t buy at the airport but on the high street and keep your remaining cash for next time or donate it to one of the charities.