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easyjet Spotlight

Spotting green shoots


This morning easyJet gave a badly needed fillip to the travel industry by announcing that it flew in July with 85% of seats filled.

The future for high street travel agents


There will probably always be a core public for travel agency services but can the remaining travel agencies just rely on that shrinking number?

Spain – the implications for travel


Over the last month the biggest question considered by those in overseas travel is how to restore confidence in the eyes of you and I – the traveller and holidaymaker.

COVID-19 swab tests


Isn’t it time that a standardised period for taking such a test such as 24-48 hours before arrival is agreed by nations?

No Spanish holiday for Scots?


What’s the betting that, in a few days’ time, the Scottish government will say Scots can fly to Spain again.

To Australia in five hours


If it looks like a race to see which plane flies first both companies would probably deny the fact. But underneath, it is!

On the first weekend in August…

North wales landscape

Judging by the reports of the first weekend business in August, there will be a holiday season this August after all

Spanish travel rules change again


Now all travellers from Spain must self-quarantine, the Canaries and Balearics included.

Awaiting a new passport?

UK passport

What it has said is that those people who are travelling in the next fortnight or so will be treated more quickly than those whose travel plans are further ahead.

Fancy a citybreak?


Visitors to our major metropolitan areas are way down, even in London and Edinburgh, places that at this time of the year ought to be very busy.

Portugal misses out again


Why is Portugal not on our travel list when countries seemingly in a more toxic position remain.

You can go to Spain again

Time for a trip to Tenerife?

Scots can travel to the Canaries and enjoy Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote and La Gomera again.

Best UK seaside resorts?

llansteffan beach

Thinking about it being at the bottom of such a list could be best. It means that it is unlikely that it would attract hordes of visitors.

Close a country or a region?


Both Spain and Portugal have expressed annoyance due to British advice against visiting both countries.

Just when you thought you could take a cruise…


The question cruise ship bosses will be asking themselves is whether these outbreaks will have any effect on the future for cruises.

What’s a person to do?


Some medical experts have urged people to use their own transport rather than public transport so what’s a person to do?

Looking after us in flight


The question is whether all airlines have such detailed plans.