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Electric and solar-powered flight


It seems that for world economic reasons we should continue to fly so what is the solution? Aircraft manufacturers have cut emissions but probably not enough.

Should you trust in Thomas Cook?


To many the company needs a good skake-up. Management ineptitude must be part of the problem as it has for many years

Why aren’t regional airports growing in Ireland?


The growth of Dublin seems to suggest that, in the future, there will be just three international airports in the Republic of Ireland. Is that what Irish people living outside Dublin want?

What price a manifesto pledge?


Abolishing the tax was the policy in 2016 yet climate change was on the agenda then just as it is now. It seems that the Scottish government’s view is that the emissions issue only became crucial this year!

It’s about trust


Sunday’s announcement is a real eye-opener and one that demands change.

Strife at Luton airport?


Anybody using Luton airport from today until Monday evening on June 3rd should probably allow some extra time

The finale!


Tonight is the very last episode of Game of Thrones. Maybe. Unless a million people who are demanding an alternative ending to the series get their way.

Changing places


This year, in the latest figures released in The Revitalise Accessibility Tourism Report, the Museum of Liverpool has overtaken Tate Modern as most accessible UK visitor attraction.

Shifting holiday patterns


It suggests that British holidaymakers are looking at cheaper destinations and destinations outside the Eurozone and that the big two have been wrong-footed.

Chopin and George Sand stayed here


Just as tonight’s new BBC drama, Gentleman Jack, also portrays a woman who opted to dress in men’s clothes, so did Sand.

Is one cruise much like another?


Not on the Scenic Eclipse because it carries a small submarine for the use of passengers.

Chasing the sun


The Nullarbor Links was built “to complement and enhance the tourism industry…by providing travellers with an additional attraction and hence a reason to spend more time and money in the region.”

What a difference a flight makes


The ruling administration in Buenos Aires says that tourism is “a fundamental driver of the growth and development of Buenos Aires.

Home lets get tougher


Destinations have been tightening up on how long you can you can rent a property as well as introducing safety and maintenance measures.

Are landing cards on the way out?


Is the day ahead where we won’t have landing cards to complete?

What triggers holiday feelings?

llansteffan beach

From our largest tour operator, TUI, comes some intriguing research that they commissioned from University College London’s Affective Brain Lab.

Beware of the fraudsters

cartoon of angry suitcase

According to ABTA, Action Fraud and getsafeonline, over 5,000 people reported to Action Fraud that they had lost a total of just over £7 million to holiday and travel related fraud in 2018.