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A day…at the Bluebell Railway


With so much to see and so many nearby places to visit a day either flies by or you decide you need to spend much longer in this little patch of the old county of Sussex.

Airports need passengers

Incheon airport, South Korea

For the last two days I have been listening to dozens of people connected to airports – mangers, owners, contractors and planners – all talking about procurement for airport development.

What does $15 million buy you?

image of Singapore skyline

The tourist board for Singapore should be dlighted with the worldwide coverage they received earlier this week. It certainly would have cost more than $15 million if they had to pay for it.

What about Heathrow?

panoramic view of Heathrow

Would I bet on Heathrow’ expansion hapening. Not yet, I wouldn’t.

India closes tourist offices


How do you measure whether a tourist office is profitable enough? And why should you? Isn’t the role of a tourist office to provide information to prospective holidaymakers rather than to sell holidays? I ask the question because India’s minister for tourism, KJ Alphons, has
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Saturday snippets: June 23rd 2018


Hot-rods racing on Pendine Sands, Alexa in hotel rooms and the sale of Hastings Pier are some of the things that caught Adrian’s eye this week.

Selling alcohol at airports


Rather than airports shutting down the debate by saying that any alcohol sales would penalise the majority, they should consider the numbers affected when drinking becomes excessive.

Travel insurance scams can be costly


Fines send a strong message that tour operators are prepared to fight despite the fact that it probably costs them more than settling the claims.

Saturday snippets: 16th June 2018


Its county show time and with five at the very least happening in the next week or so its time to see how they have altered over the years. And if you visit London, pop to the Brazilian embasssy to see how the country helped the UK in WWII.

Coffee culture in Jamaica


The low-down on the Jamaican coffee scene

10 ways to fall in love with Rome


A heady mix of haunting ruins, awe-inspiring art and vibrant street life, Italy’s hot-blooded capital is one of the world’s most inspiring and romantic cities. While the big-ticket monuments certainly leave their mark, you might just find yourself falling for the city’s smaller-scale charms down cobbled lanes and around hidden corners

Football: Italy’s other religion


Calcio (football) reigns supreme in Italian sport. There are no other contenders. Indeed, some people have suggested that Italians engage in two impassioned acts of worship on Sundays: the first at the chiesa (church), and the second at the San Siro, Allianz or Stadio Olimpico, the revered temples of AC Milan, Juventus and AS Roma

Filipino Food Festival


Today is the 120th anniversary of the Philippines gaining independence from Spain.

Why is New Zealand introducing a tourist tax?


Could it be that taxing non-voters is just a trendy and easy thing to do?

Taking railway companies out of their comfort zones


In the light of a downturn in rail passenger numbers, Adrian begins a two part story on the lack of imagination as he sees it of the railway companies.

Moscow must dos


Headed to Moscow for the FIFA World Cup? When you’ve had your fill of football, make the most of Moscow, with its world famous theatres, cutting edge art galleries and late night kitsch bars, with our guide below…

Eighteen? You could travel in Europe free for 30 days

rome a city break destination

If you want to travel to travel within the EU and are aged 18 then 15,000 of you could travel free.