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It’s the list we’ve been waiting for


Travellers, holidaymakers and I will be scratching our heads as to why some are on the list and some are not

We are four, not one


The UK as one destination. It is four and different rules and even laws apply.

In pilots we place our trust


The last thing that passengers want to know is to find out that they are on a flight piloted by someone who cheated in their exams.

The Bournemouth guinea pigs

Bournemouth beach

If there is a spike and the tourism industry gets hit again and we face lock-downs or tightened rules, then those half million should feel thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

It isn’t a win-win


Maybe after today’s announcement it will be a lose-lose for the two companies.

24 hours later – a revised list

an image of Brtish Columbia

Readers are strongly advised to look at the destinations they are thinking of travelling to and checking the local regulations before they even book a holiday.

A busy weekend online

cartoon of a suitcase bearing a smile

After the weekend rush, tour operators need to see whether this has been a one-day wonder or whether bookings will continue at the same pace.

“We’re good to go”


“We’re good to go” is the name of the UK’s certification scheme for tourism organisations

What a difference a metre makes


Retailing is a significant tourism draw although quite often overlooked

Portugal misses out


Just what does Portugal have to do to get British politicians and medics to say we can holiday there?

Traffic light holidays

Time for a trip to Tenerife?

It has been an open secret that the fourteen day quarantine rule was going to be dropped pretty soon in the UK.

Lockdown easing in the UK and Ireland


Here is a quick summary of lockdown easing as it affects tourism in the home nations and Ireland.

Independence day approaches


Independence day could be celebrated in England. It’s the day when we can start enjoying tourism again.

So much for air bridges


No wonder the travel industry and us holiday makers don’t know if we are coming or going.

Will there be a boom?


Unless the Bournemouth guinea pigs cause a second wave and the EU withdraws its air bridges agreement, there will be a summer holiday season after all.

Overseas holidays – yes or no?


I have talked myself around to saying there will be a summer international tourism season but It might exclude places such as those where the numbers are still increasing.

Advice on flying


Of course all this advice is immaterial at the moment since we are advised not to fly! Unless the government is planning on letting us fly soon.