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Will volunteers return?


Making those returning volunteers feel safe and looking after their welfare will be something that organisations will have to carefully consider.

To quarantine or not to quarantine?

cartoon of a traveller

The UK government has, to use an old-fashioned phrase, got its knickers in a twist over the proposed fourteen day quarantine advice.

Being a bit of a kill-joy


At some stage the de facto ban on overseas travel will end. At some stage people will yearn to travel again and to travel abroad. At some stage the deals offered will be so tantalising that we will go.

Tit-for-tat quarantines

Shipwrech beach in Zakynthos

After the UK announced that they would impose a 14-day quarantine period on people entering the countries, France and Greece have announced similar restrictions.

Travel insurance clauses


What insurance companies will have to do in the future is to convince us that their policies are worth the cost and aren’t just a list of wriggle-free clauses.

Keeping us safe the TUI way


For those of you who might be tempted to take a TUI holiday here are the ten things that TUI is putting into place to ensure our safety

The end for Shearings?


Coming so soon after the demise of Thomas Cook, here is another long lived holiday company that has collapsed. Unfortunately, there will probably be more.

Can’t wait for a McDonald’s


Some people in Chelmsford must thi k that McDonald’s is a tourist attraction!

Why didn’t we know earlier?


That this hack wasn’t leaked to the press earlier shows that the airline can keep a secret – it just can’t keep our data secret.

Oh to visit a garden again


The gardens of some of the properties ownedby the National Trust, (NT) the RHS and the National Garden Scheme are opening for us to visit..

Kuoni bets on UK holidays


Launched last Friday, the holidays that Kuoni will offer vary from luxury offerings to family oriented deals.

Today is the beginning of English Tourism Week.


Finally, governments and individuals might be realising how important tourism is to our wellbeing.

Abbey of St Edmund is 1000


A year of celebration had been planned but event after event has had to be cancelled or moved forward into the year in the hope that it might still happen.

How Thailand considered attracting tourists

thailand island

Four years ago, one of the measures Thailand was reported as discussing was to issue free travel insurance to all those visiting.

Travel expectations


Whereas a few weeks ago I was pessimistic about whether there would be much overseas travel from the UK this year. Now I am beginning to waver

Another bank holiday?


Having an October bank holiday and calling it NHS Day would be a worthy celebration of the achievements of key workers during the pandemic

Is this what flying will be like?


Airlines seem to been on the same wavelength about how to get us to fly again. Deep-cleaning and deeply-discounted fares