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Illuminating a thousand years ago


It is very unlikely that some of the items on display will be seen in the UK again for decades if not hundreds of years.

The longest queues at an airport


Let these coffee buffs stop the problems they are causing and settle for just a simple coffee.

Another hotel moan


What is about designers? Don’t they live in the real world?

The end for jumbo planes?


Smaller aircraft like the Dreamliner and the A-350 can now fly the routes that used to be the preserve of the jumbos.

Getting away with it?

hotel room

The CMA has smacked their hands and told them not to be bad boys. The companies have said they won’t do it again and the CMA has settled for that

Ice Age: The Lost Kingdom


The life-size creatures, including mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers and giant sloths have moving body parts, wide opening jaws and realistic sound effects to really bring the experience to life.

Saturday snippets: 16th of February 2019


A jumbo jet arruves at a hotel near Amsterdam, Ryanair starts a loyalty club and BA begins its centenary celebrations

Understanding holidaymakers


The Times says this morning that there is “turmoil” in the travel industry. It makes a good line but is it true?

The jumbo experience


Making a hotel stand out takes a little effort and there aren’t many that I can think of that achieve this feat.

Two sides of a coin


Without the airline frequency, many visitors won’t have time to visit Alice Springs unless that is specifically a place they want to visit.

The growth and growth of RAK

Ras-al-Khaimah fort

From a complete start until now, the tourist authority has laboured to put the place on the map. And hasn’t it succeeded!

The most affordable holiday resorts


Just because one destination is cheaper doesn’t mean that the whole country is

Remembering Biggin Hill


The museum work isn’t completed. More monetary donations are needed to complete the next stage of work and more “everyday” items are always welcome.

Devolving APD to Wales


My forecast would be that if it is devolved and abolished in Wales, the tax will shortly disappear entirely.

More on Brexit

frustrated traveller

A while ago I wrote that the travel industry hasn’t said a lot about the possible effects of Brexit. It has been left to others. That’s changed.

Remembering Bob Marley


Born Robert Nesta Marley in Jamaica in 1945, Bob Marley began his career in The Wailers in 1963 before an assassination attempt almost cost him his life. On what would have been the reggae legend’s 74th birthday – 6 February – JAT takes a look
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Flying on Turkmenistan Airlines


UPDATE: 7th Feb 2019.
Turkmenistan Airlines has found a way around the suspension of its flights into EU countries. Using Spanish airline, Wamos Air, UK flights from Birmingham and Heathrow seem to have been restored but check with the airline.