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The small print


As for reading the small print, who really wades through all of that dry text?

Would you fly in a Boeing 737 – Max?


How comfortable would passengers be when they know that the certification for the 737-Max is based on the one for the original model which dates back to 1967?

Five years of trials


For those of us who can remember before liquids were a problem in hand luggage a return to those days will be bliss.

Do you feel embarrassed?


It is claimed that many of us are self-conscious about being British.

Tourism in a trade war


The Chinese government issued what seems to be the equivalent of a trade advisory to its citizens warning them against travelling to the USA warning them of robberies, violence, shootings and harassment.

Heathrow expansion

panoramic view of Heathrow

What we do know is that disruption around Heathrow is going to last some time and much longer than many anticipated.

‘You have Spain in common’

a beach in the Canary islands

Spain is trying to encourage Britons to continue to travel to the country in the run up to Brexit and thereafter.

Cruising to Cuba

cruise ship Adonia docking in Cuba

A number of Britons will be amongst the 800,000 people that have booked cruises out USA ports which were scheduled to dock in Cuba.

Visit the USA and reveal passwords


New rules have been implemented and from now on when you apply you will need to reveal more about yourself. Unless you are from 1 of 40 countries.

What if?

Titanic Belfast - biggest tourist attraction in Belfast

The next target for the tourist authority must surely be to attract more tourists from places other than the province.

Re-opening Sri Lanka


The lifting of the ban on travelling to Sri Lanka has come within months of the terrorist incident.

Algarve success


The Algarve in Portugal has over 100 beaches, 88 of which are Blue Flag beaches and the coastline stretches across 200 kilometres.

Tourism in a nuclear power plant


Would a series about a nuclear disaster encourage you to visit a nuclear power plant. The Lithuanians think it will.

Bruges could become Disneyland


The question for all of them is how do they manage to have their cake and still eat it.

The 180 degree turn


Frankly both politicians and airports in Great Britain are happy with this heightened emphasis on climate change.

Good value in Spain?


The latest research from Post Office Money suggests that the vast majority of us are still planning to travel abroad despite Brexit

Volunteer’s Week


Tourism wouldn’t exist in such a big way without volunteers. Our heritage sites be they buildings, railways or the landscape rely on volunteers