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Centre Court, Wimbledon Spotlight

Wimbledon – tennis and the other 50 weeks of the year


It is less than two weeks until the tennis starts in Wimbledon. But there is more to the town than tennis as local resident, Anthony, tells us.

Air Departure Tax: Who Benefits?


Yet again we have a report that rehashes old ideas, presents few new ones preferring to rely on hoary old arguments instead.

Working holidays


Could some of charities and organisations be on the verge of competing with small, niche holiday companies?

Who do you believe?


It all goes to show that there is no standard way of deciding “best” or “worst.” Passengers will remain confused whilst so many organisations provide conflicting results.

Is tourism slowing?

holidays may, just may, get cheaper if APD is removed from under 12's

In the first quarter of 2017, there was a worldwide increase of just 1.8% international visitors. Why so little an increase?

Saturday snippets: June 24th 2017

Antiguan beach

In a busy week, a beaututiful garden re-opens in Spain, a museum in London is open for just tomorrow and yet more news about travel insurance fraud.

Tourism and the Queen’s Speech


The government announced that there will be a Travel Protection Bill which, it says, will improve protection for holidaymakers by updating the UK’s financial protection scheme for holidays.

The Harry Potter anniversary

Goathland station on the NYMR

Apart from the fact that heritage railways are popular in their own right, a link to the Harry Potter stories makes them doubly interesting as visitor attractions so the railway is celebrating the anniversary as well.

Saturday snippets: June 17th 2017


In the week that roaming charges ended in EU countries, Adrian also wonders if APD in Northern Ireland might end soon.

Guernsey for a holiday?


The Channel Islands get overlooked by some holidaymakers. They aren’t really like going abroad because, well they are British. Except that holidaying there is not really like staying at home and yet it isn’t really like France or Spain. Listen to the Guernsey patois, largely
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A day in…Harlech


Adrian visits Harlech in the Welsh county of Gwynedd to see, what else, the castle. For many though the long, sandy beaches are the attraction that keeps tourists returning year after year.

Turkish holidays grow in appeal


Reza visits Istanbul and Antalya in Turkey, assesses the security measures in place and sees tourism on the increase.

Bucharest – a happening city


Natasha visits Bucharest one of the fastest growing destination for city breaks. And finds time to go in search of Dracula’s castle.

Don’t make fraudulent claims


Nobody wants to stop legitimate travel insurance claims. But the last nine months or so has seen an explosion in those people claiming fraudulently.

Taking babies on holiday


Research, commissioned by Luxury Family Hotels, suggests that 40% of responders said that they would wait until their child was at least three months old before they would travel.

A new national park in Scotland?


One wonders why the SNP government cannot support the idea of more national parks and more Scottish economic growth particularly at a time when the EY Scottish Item Club says that the Scottish economy is showing signs of slowing faster than the rest of the UK.

What’s hot: June 2017


Just About Travel tells you what’s hot and what’s not in the travel world.