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My search for leopards in Sri Lanka


Reza visits Sri Lanka in search of leopards that roam the Yala National Park

Overcrowded trains


As train passenger numbers grow, railway companies will have to more flexible.

Buses and tourism

trawscymru bus

Day-trips are important tourism opportunities and the withdrawal of services will lessen the opportunity for both us and overseas visitors to explore parts of the UK.

Hindering Welsh tourism growth


Deidre Wells, the boss of UK Inbound, drew attention to a feature that Just about Travel moaned about nearly four years ago. She said that more should be done to improve north-south links.

Monitoring travel insurance


A bit more clarity on behalf of travel insurers would help and reduce the number of claims being made.

Saturday snippets: 24th February 2018


In a week that saw International Tourist Guide Day, Adrian looks at the smaller tourist and travel stories such as a new helicopter link to the Scillies, price increases ar Disney and Universal and the cancellation of a project to have a zip wire in the Lake District

Remembering traditional Inuit culture


Fifty years ago, Inuit men, women and youth of North Baffin Island created a series of drawings about what life was like in this remote part of Canada.

Eat Leeds Restaurant Week


This week is Eat Leeds Restaurant Week in the Yorkshire city, a reminder to people that the restaurant scene in the city is vibrant and attracts people from miles around.

Have your say about airline seating


The Civil Aviation Authority wants to hear your views about charging for allocated airline seating. And you have until March 2nd to complete their online survey.

Changing times


The news that the Leicester Children’s Holiday Centre in the Lincolnshire seaside resort of Mablethorpe is to close bringing an end to a link between the two counties which stretches back 120 years. Towards the end of Queen Victoria’s reign a charity was formed to
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Tenerife sets a new record

Time for a trip to Tenerife?

It will surprise no-one when I say that Tenerife is a popular destination for European holidaymakers. Nor will it amaze people when I write that the UK accounts for over a third of all the visitors to the island.

Back to Tunisia

Cart driver in Tunisia waving

Breakfast gossip at the Tunisian tourist board office and the embassy in London must be made up of rather happy people this morning!

Bright Brussels


From 22 to 25 February 2018, at nightfall, the city is celebrating Bright Brussels, Festival of Lights which will light up a number of districts in the centre of Brussels.

What’s stopping you?


You can make a million excuses for not wanting to travel on your own, and you’ll always find more – unless you make the conscious choice to confront your solo-travel fears. To give you a friendly push in the right direction, we’ve broken down some of the most common solo-travel fears, so they don’t seem so scary at all

What’s hot: February 2018


Just About Travel tells you what’s hot – and what’s not – in the travel world, right now…

Tourism despoilation


Yesterday at the Westminster Media Forum meeting on tourism, a different subject was raised by a Cambridge councillor, John Hipkin. It is the problem of having too many of us visiting his city.

It’s challenging


How does the UK government arrange agreements in a little over a few months so that holiday companies and airlines can continue to sell tickets? Can one agreement be a template for all?